I'm an artist based in Brisbane and I live with my wife Sarah and our two children.
I'm not the traditional type of artist that has a professionally written CV and a long list of exhibitions and awards.

I began painting in 1998 and I'm self-taught. My father Richard is also an artist but it was something I put off for many years as I didn't start painting until I was 28. My passion up until then was creating music and I still feel I paint like a musician.
For the first ten years, I was a part of the traditional gallery system. I sent work throughout Australia and had exhibitions as well. At the time that seemed to be the only way to sell my art as the internet wasn't as established as it is now. I slowly became frustrated with galleries as they would only want the same style of work...generally whatever sold the most which I understood. From an artistic standpoint, I found this restricting. Selling online has allowed me to paint as I feel and not repeat myself over and over again. I believe this is a trap for any artist and is the slow decay of true creativity.

I never enjoy explaining what my paintings are about. Sometimes I know and some are a mystery to even me. What is important is whether the painting means something to -you- and that meaning may even change over time as your life changes.
I can tell you that I'm inspired mainly by my family and just "life". One thing I'm not inspired to paint is pure "decoration"....paintings to match the couch.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and for looking at my paintings. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.




Here are a few FAQ's 

Q: Will you paint a commission?

A: No.


Q: Are these prints or originals?

A: Each is a one off original hand painted by me. Prints of my paintings can be purchased at Redbubble.


Q: Can I visit your studio to see them in person.

A: Yes. My studio is located at The Gap, Brisbane, 4061.

Contact me to work out a time that suits us both.


Q: Do you accept credit/debit cards or do I need cash when I visit you?

A: I can handle all credit/debit cards


Q: Do you ship worldwide.

A: Yes via Australia post airmail. Please contact me to receive a shipping quotation.