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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Will you paint a commission?

A: No.


Q: Are these prints or originals?

A: Each is a one off original hand painted by me. Prints of my paintings can be purchased at Redbubble.


Q: Can I visit your studio to see them in person.

A: Yes. My studio is located at The Gap, Brisbane, 4061.

Contact me to work out a time that suits us both.

I also have a selection of paintings on display at The Java Lounge Cafe, Paddington, Brisbane.


Q: I’d like to buy one or more paintings. Can I pay you in installments?

A: Yes. I’m happy to put paintings aside for people and let them pay as it suits. 


Q: Do you accept credit/debit cards or do I need cash when I visit you?

A: I can handle all credit/debit cards.