Every picture tells a story….


I began painting in 1998. I was 27 years old, still living at home, single and feeling like life hadn't quite gone to plan.


My father Richard, also an artist, decided to move his studio from the makeshift garage into the living room.  My sole passion up until that point had been making music. People who knew my father would ask me, "So, do you paint too?"  The thought of being a visual artist was something I had resisted as I wanted to follow my own path. I can't explain why but when my dad's old studio became available it triggered me into action and I started to paint.


Those first couple of weeks of painting were a mixture of joy and frustration. I would show my work to Dad at the end of the day and knew by his response that I had a long way to go. The brushes still felt clumsy in my hands and the paint seemed to have a mind of its own. I remember showing him a landscape scene that had a few buildings on the horizon.

"I like those buildings, do more of that". It was the first time he had praised any particular aspect of my work and it fired me into another level of action. I painted like a madman all day and into the night. I could feel my style beginning to take shape the more I painted.


My father was having a joint show with a local artist who ran a gallery and I showed a few pieces as well. It was the first time I had shown any of my art outside the cocoon of home. When I sold a few pieces it confirmed that this was my new path. I then sent works to many of the galleries that represented my father. This began more than a decade long relationship with the gallery system. I showed in many exhibitions with galleries both solo and mixed. I sent work all over Australia and overseas.


I now enjoy the freedom that self-representation brings me. It allows me to paint unrestricted by the expectations of a gallery wanting more of only one style of art.

I live in Brisbane, Australia with my wife and two children.