Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Will you do a commission for my “husband”, “wife”, “the space above my couch” etc…

A: Short answer, no. To elaborate…. I did a few commissions when I started painting and I didn’t enjoy doing them and it reflected in the paintings. I really need to feel free when I’m painting and doing a commission with all the expectations that come with it hinders me. I understand the desire to have a specific type of painting/size but I’m not that type of artist. I also look at it this way…..I don’t email my favourite band [lets put Radiohead in as an example] and say, “Hey, love your work…have most of your albums. I was wondering if you’d consider doing a song for me. I’m really into Dolphins at the moment and I like my songs to be around the 3 minute mark….how much would that cost me?...regards Adam”


Q: Are these prints or originals?

A: Despite my surname these paintings are real! Each is a one off original hand painted by me. If you would like a print of any of my paintings you can find them at a website called Redbubble here.


Q: What’s your best price if I buy “insert number larger than 1”?

A: I don’t discount. I know what other art costs and I know that my prices are more than reasonable.

Does anyone walk into a restaurant and say, “Hey, if my wife and I both order a main meal AND an entrée do you think we could get a discount on the dessert?” 


Q: I live in Brisbane. Can I pick them up from you without paying postage?

A: Yes, of course. I encourage people to visit my studio by appointment. If you would like to remove postage charges at checkout please enter the code LOCAL in the promo code section.


Q: Can I visit your studio to see them in person.

A: Yes you can. I love having people come around and see where it all happens. My studio is located at The Gap, Brisbane, 4061.

Contact me to work out a time that suits us both.


Q: I’d like to buy one or more paintings. Can I pay you in instalments?

A: Yes, of course. I’m always happy to put paintings aside for people and let them pay as it suits


Q: Do you accept credit/debit cards or do I need cash when I visit you?

A: I can handle all credit/debit cards.